Defense Mobile has been honored to provide your mobile voice and data services. At this time, we no longer offer mobile service on the CDMA (S) network. We will be pivoting the business and updating pricing structures to become more competitive in the future. 

We value your business and want to ensure that you have time to switch to another service provider. Take action by August 11, 2016 to avoid losing your phone number and experiencing service interruption.

Note: All voicemails will be deleted upon cancellation of your mobile service or transfer of your phone number. If you would like to save a copy of any important voicemails, there are several options available on the internet, such as and

There is an opportunity to move to Sprint while retaining your number and current device. If interested, please call this Sprint toll free number 844-535-1001 between 8AM to 5PM Central, Monday through Friday to facilitate the move process. Note: Please call in from a device other than the one you are moving.

Although Defense Mobile will no longer offer mobile service, our miliSOURCE app is alive and well and will be updated with new offerings and information in the near future.


Thank you for your service and for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.